Solve, learn and enhance (Personal Tech)

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01 - Dec - 2007
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01 - Dec - 2007
Solve, learn and enhance (Personal Tech)

Boost your personal productivity and knowledge through these comprehensive sites

Step-by-step solutions to your everyday tech problems

To err is technical and to fix is human. There’s a place where you can get easy solutions for your tech problems—log on to

This is quite a comprehensive service where you can search from among huge number of solutions submitted by the community. You can find solutions to hardware, software, Personal Media Players, wireless networks, gaming consoles, and even generic Internet problems.

You have troubleshooting solutions, “How To” solutions, and more. The “troubleshooting” ones cover specific problems such as syncing iTunes to Windows Vista. The “How To” ones help you find manuals and guides for mobile phone models, routers, media players, etc. Stuck with a setup? Just follow the setup solutions listed, and also find links to software as well as drivers!

If you’re still not able to find a way out of your problem, you can ask a guru for help. (You’ll have to wait, of course!) You can discuss your problem with other users as well as technical experts on the forum.

Go ahead—next time you’re about to break your monitor or something, try and zolve the problem first!

Learn the in and out of Symbian to customise your phone better

All about Symbian

You’d do well to take a good look at, a one-stop-shop to know about Symbian as an OS in detail. Need help understanding Symbian-based phones in detail? This is one of the best reference sites, and it claims to be the world’s biggest community site for the Symbian OS.

You get to read the latest news by hardware, software, industry, or developers’ point of view, which can be further narrowed down to be platform-specific. Features on different phones running Symbian help you get to know the device better. Even developers can find something here to interest them!

You’ll soon be tempted to download and install software on your phone: currency convertor, e-book reader, ... why carry multiple gadgets when you can get it all on a Symbian-based phone?

There’s a section where you can choose from freeware, trialware, or paid software for your phone, by model. And if you have issues finding, installing, or even developing software for a particular platform, hit the forum, which has over one lakh members.

Worth reading and refereing comprehensive PDA database
Dive into and explore the devices you can’t stop drooling over! You’ll get to know all about different models of PDA, PDA phones, PNAs, and smartphones. Start browsing the database from the Quick Lists on the home page to explore PDAs. The Quick Lists help you browse devices with specific features such as GSM and CDMA, as well as smartphones, handheld PCs, etc. Choose a specific model for specs quoted—and you can also see a detailed datasheet of the model.

If you’re looking for a PDA or a smartphone with certain specs, use PDAmaster, which suggests a best match for what you’ve specified—like physical attributes, memory, OS, display, etc.

You can go a bit technical if you’d like—for example, you can look for a PDA microprocessor that offers specific CPU features like clock speed, more SRAM, 24-bit addressing, and more.

Interested in knowing how the PDA and its components evolved over a period of time? Hit the PDAhistory menu. Right from the first Psion Series 3 released in January 1990 to the upcoming models, it’s all there. The site claims to have the best PDA database ever, and we agree!

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