Shortcuts To Geekdom

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01 - Mar - 2008
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01 - Mar - 2008
Shortcuts To Geekdom

Enhance your keyboard wizardry, and know what’s really going on behind the scenes in Windows

Using a GUI without a mouse might seem insane at first, but you see these people around you every now and then, the types who seem unaware that there’s a mouse by the side of the keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts save time—precious seconds of your day, to be precise—but more importantly, it’s one more fun skill to show off, and it saves you from moving your hand between the two devices.

You can find 3D objects for free download, and much more!

KeyXL has the largest database (believe it till we discover otherwise!) of keyboard shortcuts—you’ll find shortcuts for Windows, Linux, Mac, and popular Web applications. Even the latest software—like Photoshop CS3—figure, and there’s a short description with each shortcut. As a matter of fact, you can learn complicated software more quickly once you know, memorise, and practise the keyboard shortcuts. The ever-useful search field is there on the main page, and you can search for shortcuts for various software.

Shortcut lists for different programs are constantly being added, and you can submit your own list(s), too.

When an OS takes ages to load, hangs, and eventually dies, it’s time to take a peek into system processes. Many simultaneous processes run silently on your computer. It’s generally not possible for you to know what a process (say, “lsass.exe”) does—the Task Manager doesn’t state anything about it! is recommended for when you find yourself in such a situation.
ProcessLibrary is a comprehensive online database and reference source about system processes along with spyware and Trojan threats, and it’s all explained in simple English. You can get to know about the nature and purpose of the processes that should run on the system, and which ones are unwanted or suspicious and should be terminated.

Process library is, well, a library of processes

The Library tab shows a list of processes, information about each of which is available on the site.  When you narrow it down to a particular process, say svhost.exe or AlrtIntl.dll, you’ll have an explanation about the process and its path detail, as well as the level of threat it carries—you can check the Security Risk (Spyware, Virus, or Trojan) associated with the process .exe or .dll. On the same page, you’ll see a box on Removal & Security, which offers you the options to perform a free scan. Also, using that software, you can “boost”—as in fix—the process you’re looking up.

If you need to make, say, a budget plan or a consulting agreement, the first step would be to visit to find the right starting document. The site is an online document sharing community where you can post, view, download, comment upon, and rate thousands of documents, searchable category-wise (registration is required to comment or rate). The tabs you’ll see are Legal, Business, Financial, Technology, Educational, and Creative.

Docstoc is your one-stop doc shop

The document collection here can be classified into three broad categories—Business / Legal, Educational, and other user-generated material. Business / legal templates and documents can be reused after modification.

As an example of the broad variety of documents available, if you’re looking for a specific legal document, the Legal tab brings up several sub-categories: Contracts, Employment, Family, Forms, Incorporations, IP, Real Estate Agreement, Wills & Trusts, and more.

There are also educational documents like research papers, term papers, and other study material for students as well as teachers. Creative and user-created material like Learn Japanese (in English), various user guides, tips & tricks, tutorials, scripts, e-books, articles, etc. also figure in the document database.

Take a look around; it’s a great collection! You’ll find documents ranging from Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement to Configure DNS in Linux to How to control your brain at will. They’re categorised, but there’s a virtually unlimited range of documents available. We really can’t go into more detail—this site is a must-visit!

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