Send Valentine's Day greetings, messages, SMSes

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14 - Feb - 2012
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14 - Feb - 2012
Send Valentine's Day greetings, messages, SMSes
It's Valentine's Day, a time for festive greetings, messages and SMS. Valentine's Day, or festival of love as it's known, has increasingly become popular with the country's youth.
To empower this digital generation to stay on top of their game, we list services and websites for sending Valentine's Day messages, greetings and SMS today. Do give them a try!
For Valentine's Day greetings and messages, take a look at the options below (and just in case you haven't yet gotten your special someone a Valentine's Day gift, refer to our 'Valentine's Day gift ideas for gadget lovers' feature):
The usual suspects:
Some of the most popular online destinations to send a Valentine's day ecard, greeting or message include The website offers a variety of ways to say “I love you” to your partner, and they have a dedicated Valentine's Day section for sending online greetings.
We've all sent or received Hallmark cards at some stage of our life, and lets you do all that without having to hunt their physical shop. The website has a stacked Valentine's Day section for greetings, ecards, messages, and gifts. Their greetings and cards section also deserves special mention this Valentine's Day.
A popular haunt among Indian visitors, gives you great options whether you want to pick a special Valentine's Day greeting, message or an exclusive gift item -- stuffed toys, cakes, etc. Check out Archies' Valentine's Day offerings.

Sarcastic ecards:
If you want to beat the trend and stand out, so to speak, this Valentine's Day, then nothing beats, a sarcastic ecard website -- the best in the business. So if you enjoy slapstick humour and don't mind taking your chances with slightly risque messages for your Valentine's Day, we definitely recommend checking out Someecards' Valentine's Day messages.

Free Valentine's Day SMS messages:
Here are ways to send Valentine's Day SMS to your loved ones. and These are great choices to send free bulk Valentine's Day SMS messages to your loved ones. Both these websites, and, let you send free SMS messages to any Indian mobile phone number. While lets you send up to 350 SMS messages for free every day, lets you message a formatted Valentine's Day greeting to your phone contacts. Do give them a try!

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