'Selfie spoon': Now, disgust people with photos of mouthfuls of food

If it wasn't enough for selfie sticks plaguing public places, now they will be an integral part of your dining room, or even your restaurant reveries

Published Date
21 - Sep - 2015
| Last Updated
22 - Sep - 2015
'Selfie spoon': Now, disgust people with photos of mouthfuls of f...

It is one thing to sit and stare at Mia Khalifa’s sefies all day long, and vastly different to stare at someone else's selfie with half-chewed food in mouth. Buoyed by the power of selfie sticks, we have now seen the launch of a selfie spoon. Put simply, it’s a selfie stick on one end, and a normal spoon on the other. General Mills is the brand responsible for this daring attempt at a selfie stick. 

Anyone encouraged to click pictures using the selfie spoon, can order one here. For the rest who enjoy eating meals in peace, can refrain from clicking on the link. Fun fact – Did you know that the American Psychiatric Association has deemed the addiction of taking selfies a mental disorder?

Coming back to the product at hand, the product description on its official website reads, “Finally, your two favourite things combined: Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Selfies! The world’s most unique selfie stick has a spoon on one end and a spot for your phone on the other! So go ahead and take those selfies without missing a bite of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. We cant wait to give the ‘thumbs up’ to all those photos your friends will be like, like liking.” The selfie spoon is available in only one colour, purple, and can extend more than 30 inches to include large, cheerful breakfast tables.

Food-time photographs and selfies have found increasing importance in the world of shutter-loving social media aficionados, with Google itself paying increasing attention to this field. It had previously launched Tablescape for its Google Plus platform, a specialised feed of eating-time photographs. More recently, it has started adding food photographs clicked at restaurants to its Maps, thereby adding ease and relevance to a user's restaurant hunt. No India launch date or availability of the product has been given for the selfie spoon. It is available for free as long as stocks last, and all one needs to do is to pay for its shipping and handling charges.

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