Seagate provides traditional craft maintenance

Published Date
08 - May - 2008
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08 - May - 2008
Seagate provides traditional craft maintenance

Seagate supports digital preservation of textile traditions and artisans’ livelihood in Kutch region 

Seagate Technology announced its support of a unique program to help digitally preserve and maintain the dying traditional crafts forms in the Kutch region of Gujarat in western India.  The project involves the extensive digitization of images, documents, instruction and other items to preserve the techniques, processes, materials, designs and motifs used in the textile traditions of Kutch. 

The program is being administered by Kala Raksha, a non-government organization (NGO) comprising artisans, community members and experts in the fields of art, design and museum curacy dedicated to preserving traditional arts.  The joint digital preservation program between Seagate and Kala Raksha will span two phases, including research, archiving and digital capture, as well as program development, exhibition and scholarships.  

“As digital content and distribution networks continue to grow and proliferate exponentially, it’s important to leverage this digital ecosystem to ensure that our rich historical, cultural and artistic traditions be preserved and shared,” said Rajesh Khurana, Seagate country manager for India & SAARC. “Seagate’s involvement in this digitization project will enable this unique heritage to be shared across borders for future generations.”  

The traditional crafts of Kutch include weaving, dyeing, printing, bandhani (tie and dye), embroidery, leatherwork, pottery, woodwork and metalwork. Design is an integral part of the craft, making the artisan the designer, producer and marketer of the craft all at the same time. 

Kala Raksha is seeking to reverse the trend of this dying tradition by providing economically and culturally relevant education in design, guiding artisans in the creation of products with more contemporary forms and functions as well as making these traditionally-crafted products more accessible to national and global markets. 

“We are most grateful to Seagate for enabling the creation and support of this program,” said Judy Frater, Executive Director of Kala Raksha. “We run a museum with an extensive collection representing nearly 15 arts. Seagate support enables us to enhance the museum data base, complete documentation of the different artisan traditions of Kutch, digitally archive historically and culturally important works and complete the teacher’s manual – all of which will become important tools in taking the craft forms forward for coming generations.”  Seagate has always played an active role in supporting social and community causes in India.

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