SCEE invites Indian Development Community to DevStation 08

Published Date
23 - Apr - 2008
| Last Updated
23 - Apr - 2008
SCEE invites Indian Development Community to DevStation 08

Indian PlayStation2 Development Community attends inaugural DevStation event in Mumbai

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) hosted the inaugural Indian DevStation event in Mumbai to stimulate the development of Indian games made by Indian Developers for the PlayStation2. 

DevStation Mumbai 08 is an extension of SCEE’s commitment to the rapidly expanding Indian market and the Indian development community. 

Invited local PlayStation2 Developers attended the event to partner in the growing success of the PlayStation2 in India 

“It is SCEE’s intention to continue to drive PlayStation2 console sales through partnerships with Indian developers producing games for the Indian market.” said Zeno Colaço, Vice President of Publisher & Developer Relations. “Our commitment to the market is underlined by our inaugural DevStation™ event in Mumbai and reinforced by delivering dedicated technical and commercial assistance to local developers.”

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