Scandisk launches high-definition video flash card

Published Date
30 - Apr - 2008
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30 - Apr - 2008
Scandisk launches high-definition video flash card

Scandisk Corporation debuts a video card line available in SDHC (high-capacity) and Memory Stick PRO Duo formats

Consumers who own camcorders that use flash memory cards instead of tape will now be able to select the right storage media for their cameras with the debut of a video card line from SanDisk Corporation.  As the first of a new category of storage media, SanDisk Video HD cards will be available in SDHC (high-capacity) and Memory Stick PRO Duo formats, and will be identified by minutes of recording time as well as by capacity. 

SanDisk unveiled the high performance video card product family during a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show, where the company is exhibiting at Booth 30768 in South Hall 3 of the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

"The SanDisk Video HD line takes the mystery out of selecting the proper memory for these new camcorders," said Susan Park, senior product marketing manager for SanDisk's Cards and Accessories Division. "The bright red packaging and the bold labeling of recording times give consumers an easy way to select memory cards for video." The cards are designed to be high performance and optimized for high-definition camcorders, but they can also be used in recording standard video. Further, the cards work well in point-and-shoot digital still cameras that have video capabilities, she added. 

"Until now, it has been difficult for consumers to select the memory card that is the most suitable for their camcorders, and equally difficult to calculate the amount of recording time they have available from the various resolution settings," said Park. Echoing the familiar messaging of analog video tape, the SanDisk Video HD card packaging offers a chart that shows the approximate number of minutes for HD High, HD Standard and HD Extended settings.

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