Sankalan 2013: University of Delhi, Dept of Computer Science fest starts next week

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28 - Feb - 2013
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28 - Feb - 2013
Sankalan 2013: University of Delhi, Dept of Computer Science fest...

Digit Event Promotional Feature:  Compiling innovations! Sankalan, the annual technical meet of the Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi, is an amalgamation of various technical events and some non-technical events. The fest also brings participants from various universities, cities, states all-together under one roof.

Platform incubates creativity. And here we tend to provide Sankalan as a platform wherein the extremely creative participants can explore a totally new dimension of knowledge and showcase their IT skills. Sankalan, a renowned name amongst the technical meets across the country, has always been associated with proficient guests, skillful participants, as well as esteemed intellects from the education and IT industry. The ones associated with it feel that the individuality of the event is defined by its candors, fairness and hospitality.

Sankalan, the name itself says aggregation. It is a heterogeneous mixture of various technical and a handful of non-technical events. This variance in the events, lets the dexter participants exhibit their adeptness in coding, swiftness in LAN gaming, knowledge in IT Quiz and perspicaciousness in Turn Coat. Inspiring talks through professionals and knowledge sharing by tech-gurus also leave an impact in the minds of aspiring engineers and technocrats. Our theme this year is “ROBOTICS”.

The acclamation of Sankalan can be examined by the exponentially increasing participation year by year. Moreover the industry bigwigs like Microsoft, Aricent, Sapient, etc have been associated with the festival since years. And every year new partnerships are emerging.

The organizers of Sankalan 2013 envision a splendid performance of participants this time around, and have endeavored to provide attendees with the best. They have striven to "emerge with a perfect blend of learning and fun in the form of exciting and energetic events”. Sankalan 2013 welcomes all on 2nd and 3rd March 2013 to join the new wave of innovation.

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