Samsung Serenata

Published Date
01 - Jan - 2008
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01 - Jan - 2008
Samsung Serenata


The Serenata—created by Samsung in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen—is an updated version of the old Serene, which didn’t really click with the mobile population. This new one is a much more complete 3G phone with HSDPA, which helps deliver high-speed data to your phone. There’s 4 GB of internal memory and a 2.3-inch touchscreen for navigation. It also sports a dial similar to the iPod’s click-wheel. The phone has a slider with a neat little B7O speaker tucked away underneath. The price will be around €1,000 (Rs 56,000) when it’s launched.

Lantic Gold RC1

Remote controls are amazing devices. They are generally designed well—to fit in your hand and look elegant—but most importantly, they let us sit on our lazy backsides and control all sorts of devices. The Lantic Gold RC1 does that too, but in style. It’s special, and as their makers say, it’s undoubtedly the costliest remote ever made—upwards of $30,000 (Rs 12,00,000)! It lets you control everything from TVs and CCTVs to air conditioning units and lighting systems. All that, and it’s made of pure gold...

Teresonic Magus

The Magus is the latest set of audiophile-level, energy-efficient speakers from Teresonic. These 15x12x9-inch speakers weigh 10 kg each, and 24-carat gold-plated connectors with zero-interference Teresonic cables ensure that sound quality isn’t compromised. Generally, crossovers are used to channel audio to tweeters and other speakers, but none of that here—that means a single speaker drives the entire range of frequencies: 55 Hz to 22 kHz.

A pair of these speakers will leave your pockets $3,985 (Rs 1,67,000) lighter. For customised stands, you’ll need to shell out another $385 (Rs 16,000).

Klipsch Image
As if they weren’t small enough to begin with, Klipcsh believes they can make in-ear earphones even smaller—in fact, they claim that the Klipsch Image (only 10 grams) are the smallest and lightest in-ear ’phones in the world. The buds are made of soft silicone, which gives good isolation and won’t make your ears ache even after long hours of use. The Image will cost you $350 (Rs 14,000).

Podium Model 1

For the first time in Digit history, we’re going to talk about doors. Well, actually, doors they aren’t—they are, in fact, speakers. The Podium Sound Model 1 speakers weigh a little over 15 kg each—somewhat like a real door. They tower close to 2 metres in height and almost a metre across—also like real doors. They play sound from both sides—front and rear—which real doors don’t. A pair of these will set you back $8,000 (Rs 3,36,000)! For that kind of money, you’d expect a lot, and you’ll get it—you can opt from a wide variety of finishes as well!

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