[Rumour] Apple's Sept event to get Jobs on stage, but no tablet

Published Date
14 - Aug - 2009
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14 - Aug - 2009
[Rumour] Apple's Sept event to get Jobs on stage, but no tablet
Apple fans are in for mixed feelings come September, as the company has reportedly scheduled one of its keynote events for this September that will bring a couple of much-awaited items while skipping the rumoured Mac Tablet, or ‘iTablet’.
Peter Kafka of AllThingsD learnt from multiple media sources that Apple got in touch with them to let them know of an upcoming event for the week of September 7. Previous September launches have focused on music as well, with the iPod Touch being launched two years ago and the iPod Nano series being refreshed last year.
The focus on the music industry probably indicates that the Cupertino-based company will unveil its new digital album format, ‘Cocktail’, which incorporates lyrics, album art, liner notes, ringtones and other accessories into an e-album.
Another part of the proceedings could be iTunes 9, which could come with Blu-Ray support, better apps management and a renewed iTunes store.
However, fans waiting for the launch of the much-hyped iTablet will probably have to wait, according to The Loop.
“Very reliable sources familiar with the product have said speculation of the tablet being introduced during the September event are flat out wrong. The Apple tablet, they said, would not see the light of day until the first part of 2010,” the site reported.
Oh, and one more thing: The other big appearance at the September event will be return of the Mac Messiah, as Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to make an official public keynote – his first since last October, when he took leave for medical reasons.
And well, with Steve on stage, anything can happen…

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