Researchers go 'Green' with DEVap AC technology - 90% more energy efficiency

Published Date
21 - Jun - 2010
| Last Updated
21 - Jun - 2010
Researchers go 'Green' with DEVap AC technology - 90% more energy...


Liquid desiccant Air Conditioner - 'DEVap' technology

Researchers have reportedly unleashed a new air-conditioning technology called “DEVap”, which apparently uses 'liquid desiccants' - a hygroscopic liquid to remove water and water vapors from the gas stream. Apparently, in an effort to minimize the carbon emissions (CFCs & HCFCs) as a residual exhaust from the conventional air-conditioners, the researchers have decided to go 'Green' with the advent of “DEVap” technology that promises 90% more energy efficiency and make use of salt based solutions to replace carbon solutions.

A liquid desiccant AC (air conditioner) is said to work on the following principle. The hot & humid air is passed through the conditioner, where the air gets cooled by the coolant liquid by absorbing the heat from the humid air and vaporizing the liquid desiccant to have a cooling effect, as the air leaves the conditioner. The residue hot liquid desiccant enters the regenerator where cold air can again be recycled to dry humid air, by absorbing water content and subjecting the air to hot liquid desiccant. Thus recycled warm humid air leaves the regenerator and enters the conditioner. This process can continue infinitely and hence increase the efficiency of the air conditioner.

However, this technology is apparently in the testing stage and not yet made live to the commercial market. So, until then we might just have to stick to the traditional fanning methods or the water coolant based desert coolers, as a dedicated effort against global warming!

Vinod YalburgiVinod Yalburgi