Razer Pro Click V1.6 and Pro Pad

Published Date
01 - Mar - 2007
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01 - Mar - 2007
Razer Pro Click V1.6 and Pro Pad

The Razer Pro Click is a 7-button, 1600 dpi mouse targeted at designers and engineers who need to work with graphical software with pinpoint precision. It's shaped to perfectly fit your palm. The Pro Click lets you set sensitivity on the fly, using one of the seven buttons and smooth scroll wheel. All the buttons can be assigned custom functions using the bundled software.
The Pro Pad that comes with it has two surfaces-one for better gliding speed, and the other for better control over the pointer.
This is a precise mouse, and reduces fatigue caused by prolonged use. Recommended for professionals, and at Rs 4,050, it's certainly worth the money.

USB 2.0; 1600 dpi resolution; seven buttons; on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment

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