Random lockups

Published Date
01 - Oct - 2008
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01 - Oct - 2008
Random lockups

I am using a Pentium IV computer which I had assembled in 2004. Since last week this machine is giving me headache. My PC configuration is: 845 GVSR Intel motherboard with an Intel Pentium 4 Processor 2.4 GHz, 256 MB DDR SDRAM, DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive, CD-Rom Drive, 1.44 floppy Hard Disk, 40 GB PATA, Data One Broadband with 2 Mbps speed, Antivirus - Avast Home Edition updated every day. Since the last four years it was working fine. Now there are a few problems –

  1. Sometimes, it hangs and then restarts automatically
  2. Sometimes after hanging for a few seconds gives an error that the display driver has stopped working normally. To work properly, I must restart the computer.
  3. Sometimes, it gives a boot disk error and a press any key to start error.
Avinash Kumar

DIGIT ANSWERS: The instability you are facing could be because of a faulty hard drive. Your 40GB hard drive has last a long time. Run some diagnostic tools to verify if the hard drive is indeed failing. Backup any important data onto other drives or discs. Try a software called Speedfan which has a hard drive health utility. You can also download a bootable disc called Ultimate Boot CD and boot from it and run some more disk checking utilities.

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