Quake 4

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01 - Dec - 2005
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01 - Dec - 2005
Quake 4
Software's Quake 4 is the follow-up of the popular multiplayer deathmatch game Quake III Arena. However, the single-player campaign story is a direct sequel of the older Quake II. The story is simple: you are Matthew Kane, a corporal fighting alongside a human army against aliens called The Strogg. This alien race reminds us of the Borg from Star Trek, but are much uglier looking.

Although majority of the gaming world was waiting for Quake 4 mainly for its multiplayer gameplay, since that's what Quake has become, personally, I'm not a big deathmatch fan. I need a story, and some purpose to want to  run around for hours on end, shooting everything in sight! Sure, perhaps ridding the solar system of alien scourge isn't exactly new or exciting, but it's reason enough to pop in a game that needs GBs of space and boasts of the best graphics to date!

There's a shock in store for those who even think of running this game on 'Ultra High' quality! I used a FX-53-based system with 1 GB Corsair RAM and an XFX 7800 GT and it played at 12 FPS! I had to select a saner resolution of 1024 x 768 with 2x AA and the 'High Quality' graphics setting to be able to get an acceptable 35 FPS!

It was a little annoying to see the Autodetect function choose 640 x 480 with no AA and the Low Quality setting! "I have a 7800 GT for christsakes," I screamed!

Anyway, it was all worth the wait and initial frustration. The game has good gameplay, decent AI and an entertaining story line. The graphics were amazing, even at the mere High Quality mode.

I decided that rather than write a long review of the game, saying all the things that have already been said before by gaming magazines and Web sites, it would be better to show you how the game looks, courtesy loads of screenshots! We hope you like our take on Quake 4. Our Recommendation: buy it! The multiplayer rocks, and the single player will remind you of Doom 3-not as scary, but just as entertaining!    

Publisher : Activision
Minimum System Configuration : Pentium 4 2 GHz or AMD Athlon 2000 , 512 MB RAM, 64 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible card
Price : Rs 1,299
Distributed in India by World Wide CD ROMs
Tel : 022 – 56973894 

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