Prototype vibrating smartpen senses spelling or grammar errors

A vibrating smartpen to help you learn writing grammatically correct.

Published Date
05 - Feb - 2013
| Last Updated
05 - Feb - 2013
Prototype vibrating smartpen senses spelling or grammar errors

With increasing dependency on 'Spell Checks' and 'Auto-correct', using pen and paper to write correctly can be really difficult for many of us. Well, a help in form a smartpen has been developed that'll vibrate to alert the writer when an error is sensed.

The vibrating smartpen, designed by a Germany-based company called Lerntift, aims to help youths learn how to write. However, the device is likely to appeal people across different age groups.

Currently in prototype stage, the vibrating smartpen can sense spelling errors or letter formation in real-time, delivering an alert to the writer's hand.

Moreover, there are two functions given to users to choose from. First up is Calligraphy mode in which the device highlights flaws of form and legibility. Second one is Orthographic mode in which the device points out orthographic and grammatical mistakes. The smartphone features sensors that detect variations in the way letters are formed, and vibrates instantaneously if an error is sensed.

Creators of the vibrating smartpen Falk and Mandy Wolsky reveal on their website they were inspired by their son's early writing attemps. 'From the very first words there were errors,” they said on their website.

The designers are set to launch a crowdfunding project for financial assistance. They are also working to include more features in the smartpens such as pressure sensor, computer connectivity and an open platform for others to add apps and increase functionality of the device.

Source: DailyMail