Published Date
09 - May - 2007
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09 - May - 2007

Sharp XR-10S

0.6-inch DLP; 800 x 600 native resolution; 2000 lumens; 2000:1 contrast ratio; 40-300 image size; weight: 3.9 kg; lamp life: 2000 hours; Component video and PC inputs

Our Verdict
The Sharp XR-10S impressed us with its unsurpassed picture quality, great edge-to-edge focus, and lively colour reproduction. With a contrast ratio of 2000:1, the dynamic range is superb-black is pitch dark. Further, the higher brightness ensures the image is visible even under bright lighting conditions.

In the myriad tests we put it through, the Sharp XR-10S outperformed the competition whether it was the colour rendition test, screen uniformity test, or luminance. Frequency distortions such as moiré were next to absent.
In the movie and animation test, the video was rendered near-perfect-dark regions were rendered properly, unlike in others, where the details were lost.
Setting up the Sharp XR-10S is simple; the factory defaults themselves give good quality; however a little tuning made a huge difference.

Runner-Up: BenQ MP-610

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