Preview: Digit December 2014 Collector's Edition

From augmented reality to all you ever need to know about technology - it's all here...

Published Date
20 - Nov - 2014
| Last Updated
21 - Nov - 2014
Preview: Digit December 2014 Collector’s Edition

For lack of a better phrase, we say it EVERY year, without fail, “Collector’s Edition”. Trust us, we’re as sick of saying it as you are of hearing it, so come up with a better phrase to describe it and we’ll happily rename it.

The problem is it’s always an issue unlike any other before it, and something worth collecting – even if you don’t buy Digit regularly, or for that matter, don’t buy magazines regularly, this big pack is always worth splurging on.

Why? Let’s count the ways for this edition, in no particular order:

  1. Encyclopaedia Technica – Vol. V (Plus Vol. I to IV in PDF)
    How does an entire encyclopaedia of tech knowledge sound? Those who have the first four volumes in print will need this final fifth volume that’s in this pack, but even if it’s your first time buying, we’ve included the first four in the DVDs as PDFs. Now you literally can know all that’s worth knowing


  1. Even better than the real thing…
    Hate Reality? Change it… From the cover to the cover stories, this Collector’s Edition looks at Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (pretty much anything but boring just-reality), to show you how vanilla-reality is on its way out, for good, and how your lives are set to be changed forever, and ever, and ever…(echo, echo).

    Psst: Don’t forget to download the Blippar App and scan our cover on news stands for a nice surprise, whether you buy it or not, make sure to scan it… search your mobile store for blippar”


  1. SKOAR! + Large Poster 
    SKOAR! in print, AND with a large POSTER (finally). Need we say moar you, you, you…um… no wait, we’re not that SKOAR! anymoar, we’re better! 


  1. Fast Track to Arduino for Everyone
    You heard us, we mean everyone. No longer will Arduino be the realm of geeky coders who love looking down at us regular folk. If you can use a PC, you can get yourself an Arduino kit and start doing some projects. Hang on, don’t run off all excited, you still need this Fast Track… remember?


  1. Rewind - Relive, relearn, rediscover, reflect, rejoice

A new endeavour, this is an Almanac designed to stuff an entire year in tech into a pocketbook. You can’t miss out on this funny yet insightful book – we cover events, people, companies, technologies and even tell the story of the year in memes! Why? Why not?


  1. The Best Products of 2014
    A.K.A. Digit’s Zero1 Awards, it’s our year end roundup of what was an amazing year in tech. No value for money and best buys and all that rubbish. This is for people who value only performance, and will start a Nigerian email scam if necessary in order to afford only the best in technology… Everything from GPUs to phones, we have it covered.


  1. Alpha DVD
    With Lollipop, tools and UX videos (if any of this is sounding a little raunchy, you sir are a perv! Join the club…) this disc is packed to the brim with Android goodness. Plus we’ve squeezed in a lot of Arduino goodness too, to go along with that brilliant Fast Track.


  1. Omega DVD
    Here you will find PDFs of ALL Fast Tracks ever published before, the first four parts of Encyclopedia Technica, and both free and demo Steam games, plus documentaries, sponsored software, and a heck of a lot more.


  1. Tried and Tested
    We’ve reviewed: Apple iPhone 6, BlackBerry Passport, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, OnePlus One, ASUS GTX 980, Zotac GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 285, JBL Esquire, Cowon EM1 and E3, and many more products.



  1. Plus: More feature stories inside
    No, this is not a list of insignificant others, we just didn’t want to take up too much more space
    1. The age of robots has finally arrived. We kid you not.  This time we mean it. Honest! Pinkie swear...
    2. The Impossible Engine... now possible, and will blow your mind. Or not. Depends how into science you really are actually.
    3. 10 tweaks to maximise Linux performance – slow waddling penguins... they’re cute at first, but then it’s like “OK hurry up I haven’t got all day here...”
    4. For the first time ever. Introducing a new era in technology. Life will never be the same, because we’re listing out the most overhyped products of the year.
    5. Tips and Tricks: Shh... all of Firefox’s dirtiest little secrets are revealed inside. For example, did you know that... nah, we can’t tell you here... Plus Evernote and Outlook tips.


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