Published Date
07 - Apr - 2009
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07 - Apr - 2009

This amazing innovation by DataWind is an actual full-fleged internet device. It has a large 640 pixel wide screen which allows for a better surfing experience, and a full QWERTY keyboard.


It uses a standard GPRS connection that you get with most phones, however, by using a data translation server in the middle, which compresses all data sent to and from the device, it manages to achieve impressive speeds, and in-fact boasts of being the fastest mobile internet device.


One of the best things about the device is however the fact that it gives internet access entirely free of cost! They have tie-ups with major providers, so that one you purchase the device, you get up-to 35 hours of internet entirely free per month, and any further usage comes at a heavily subsidized cost of Rs 99 per month.


Also unlike mobile phones, it can browse actual websites, and not just lightweight mobile edition of sites. Since it has a large wide full color screen with a resolution of 640 x 240, reading documents and surfing heavy sites is much easier. It also has inbuilt support for popular document formats such as Microsoft office documents and spreadsheets and even pdf files. It contains application for Instant messaging and email, and has an inbuilt GPS sensor for location based online services. Since it also supports secure connections, it is possible to use the device for sensitive transactions such as shopping online, or banking.


Overall this device truly gives you the facility of internet on the go, the free internet is just the icing on the cake.

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