Pink... For Posh?

Published Date
01 - Jul - 2006
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01 - Jul - 2006
Pink... For Posh?
He's been voted as a gay marriage favourite. He topped a gay radio poll of the best-looking football stars. All of which make us prick up our ears when we hear he bought a pink cell phone in early June.

It happened this way: a certain mobile phone maker, who wants to remain anonymous, was smiling from ear to ear when they heard Becks was interested in one of their models, the StarTrk. The StarTrk comes in black and pink, for men and women respectively-or so we would believe. Surprise: Beckham's henchmen went on to order the pink version.

The dealer was understandably surprised. "He can't be seen using one," was his reaction-"because of the new deal he has with Motorola." As though he could be seen using one if he didn't have a deal with Motorola.

(By the way, some Googling revealed that the StarTrk is probably manufactured by a firm called HTC. So much for not wanting to be named.)

Ostensibly, then, the phone is for Victoria "Posh" Beckham. A gift. However, it can't be for her birthday, which falls on the 17th of April. Their wedding anniversary, however, is on the 4th of July-so could Becks have wanted to procure the phone a full month in advance? Or was it a just-like-that gift? The words are whirling round in our heads. Beckham... Pink... Gay...
When You Gotta Go...

We're a bit late on this one, but at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco last month, former Sun CEO Scott McNealy engaged in a bit of rare humour. (He's the one who said infamously, "You already have zero privacy... get over it," in regards to consumer privacy issues and shopping online.) McNealy drew up a list of top ten great things about not being CEO any more, having handed over the baton to Jonathan Schwartz. Here are some:

#10: "I don't have to apologize for the stuff I say to Wall Street, Jonathan does." (This is a little confusing: how can Schwartz apologise for what McNealy says?)
#9: "I'm no longer on the most overpaid CEO list." (Why doesn't he want to be?)
#8: "I just say, 'See Jonathan on that.'" (Of course.)
#6: "I shave even less often." (He seemed pretty clean-shaven to us most of the time...)
#4: "I have someone to blame now." (We'd all love this.)
#3: "I can sell my last business suit." (On eBay?)
#2: "Jonathan doesn't golf, so I guess I gotta do it." (Good one.)
#1: "My new office is very close to the men's room."
(No comment.)
Domained At Birth

She was born in Namibia, and is called Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. Her mother is, of course, Angeline Jolie, and her father, is, of course, Brad Pitt. Now here's one baby who'll never have to lock horns with a typosquatter: Jolie (rather, her lawyer) registered at least three domain names for her:,, ShilohNouvel.

com, and more. Clumsy, but they'll do the job. (Actually, we think her name is clumsy in the first place.) Jolie seems to have learn her lesson: isn't hers.

There's even a gag Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt MySpace page been found, which  says: "Shiloh's interests: Africa, eating."

With all the unofficial fan sites out there anyway, what's this newfangled thing about celebrities and domain names?

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