Organising A Photo Collection

Published Date
01 - Jan - 2006
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01 - Jan - 2006
Organising A Photo Collection
I had been on a well-deserved breather. Once I returned, I found I had more than a hundred images of the glorious time I spent. And that meant sorting, arranging and popping them into albums. This time, I decided to see how much of a difference technology would make when it came to creating and sharing my photo album.

You can arrange your photos in an album...
I collected my photos from the photo studio. At home, when I tried to sort them, it sure wasn't easy. Did I take the boat ride first or the trek? Both were at the same location. And so I went about trying to arrange the pictures chronologically according to the venues and activities.

Time taken: 35 minutes for 60-odd photos

I moved on to placing all the snaps inside the photo album. Wait a minute! I realised I first needed an album. I spent the better part of the morning finding a suitable album.

Time taken: 2 hours
Cost: Rs 150 for the album

Inserting photos in an album is faster when you have some people helping you. In my case, it was even better as the duo helping me were the ones who took the same trip. Well, we took an hour to complete the job, but the presence of friends helped me relive the trip!

Time taken: 1 hour

Finally, they were all in. And did it feel good! I finally had an answer to all the queries of "Are the snaps out yet?" I could now say, "Yes, they are. And no, I am not bringing them over. If you want to see them, come on over."

Total Time Taken: 3 hours, 35 minutes
Total Cost: Rs 150

... Or you can scan and upload them
I had to get the photos scanned. Taking advantage of the office scanner, I copied them onto my PC. It was fairly easy. After this, it was a matter of some reorganising on my PC. This did take some effort though.

Time taken: Almost an hour
Cost: Having used office equipment, nothing

My second task-of searching for an online photo album-was truly delightful. There were many options to choose from, but I finally settled on Yahoo! Photos which I found relatively user-friendly.

Time taken: 20 minutes

All I had to do was upload the photos from my PC onto the album. The online album also had a feature wherein I could upload as many photos as I wanted with a single click! I could post comments about the pictures, and even invite others to do the same. Soon I had the album created and arranged.

Time taken: 10 minutes

Voila! My album was ready for viewing. I informed friends and family via e-mail, and they could visit the site at their convenience. This way, no-one could complain about not being able to access
my pictures.

Total Time Taken: 1 hour, 26 minutes
Total Cost: Rs 0

And The Winner Is...
Frankly, the old way is just not "the way" anymore. While it did offer me the luxury of poring through the album, it took a lot of time to fill in the photos. The album now lies among my already huge collection of photo albums. I will also need to preserve them, which is another task altogether. On the other hand, uploading pictures online was quicker. It's just the scanning that took some time. But hey, they're now online-for posterity! Plus, I could also post notes along with my photos. Having all my trip photographs online meant no repeated trips to the cupboard. The Tech Way is a sure winner!

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