You can buy goats online for Bakri Eid and its cheaper than offline retail

Offline stores are reportedly worried that these online retailers will kill their business.

Published Date
15 - Sep - 2015
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15 - Sep - 2015
You can buy goats online for Bakri Eid and its cheaper than offli...

This is serious news, probably the most important we've ever covered. In the age of the infamous meat bans, people are selling goats online ahead of Bakri Eid in India. With the festival only 10 days away, websites like OLX and Quickr have listings for goats. According to reports like most other products sold online, goats are also cheaper here than through offline retail channels. That said, we spotted a listing on Quickr for a goat available for sale for a mere Rs. 5,00,000. Any takers?

Interestingly, Quickr and OLX are perhaps only the tip of the iceberg. A website, called Goat India (yes, that link leads to the website), is reportedly one of the best locations online to buy and sell goats. In fact, reports say that offline retailers of goats are worried about these online sales, since prices offered online are much lower than what we could offer.

Considering that no phones have been launched today, here are a few good goat listings we picked out just for you! Unfortunately, curation is all we can do, since we're not well versed in reviewing goats.

To go with your iPhone. No bargaining.

For those who care about looks, under a budget.

This goat may be a sheep, or a geep (yes, that's a thing!)

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