notCRUD by Wingify wants to trigger the development of polished products in India

Intended towards the development of better and refined products from India, Wingify has announced notCRUD, a community platform directed towards product enthusiasts.

Published Date
03 - Sep - 2015
| Last Updated
03 - Sep - 2015
notCRUD by Wingify wants to trigger the development of polished p...

If products and technology interest you, Wingify, a company that develops website optimisation tools, has announced a platform called notCRUD. The new community-driven platform will focus on displaying the works of product enthusiasts developing noteworthy hardware and software products.

notCRUD plans to cover various categories such as products, design, tech and write-ups from all over the country. Like any regular community or forum, you'll be able to browse through different submissions on product ideas. Not only do you get information on how to develop and market products, but also insights from developers and their experience in building products. So, you can expect and participate in fruitful discussions pertaining to products owing to the presence of a highly focused group.

Among the categories covered, threads about Product Management, Growth Strategy and Marketing can be found under Product. If you're into the Design aspect of a product, you can take part in discussions revolving around Web and Mobile UI applications while enhancing User Experiences. The Tech category will take care of Frontend and Backend Engineering, and Scaling Infrastructure. The community later on will probably post news about events and conferences and maybe have their own meet-ups.

Wingify wants to help out the Indian product scene, aiming to push the effort of building great products within the country through this community. You can check out notCRUD here.

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