NIT Trichy's Probe 2013 fest kicks off on February 22

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, will be hosting its technical festival, Probe, from February 222

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20 - Feb - 2013
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20 - Feb - 2013
NIT Trichy's Probe 2013 fest kicks off on February 22

Digit Event Promotional Feature:  “You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will” quoted George Bernard Shaw.

Engineering has been the natural form of expression for creators over the past century, breathing life and inspiration into the human race. Different streams of Engineering have manipulated available resources to a level where coming up with innovations and ideas has indeed become a challenge. To defy convention, to change age old perceptions, to capture the pulse of today’s crowd that generally has the memory of a goldfish a new breed of engineers that can think out of the widely quoted “box” is required. This has been the crux of Probe – the genre defining symposium conducted by the Electronics and Communication department of NIT Trichy. Probe is much more than the ouvre of diverse workshops, myriad challenging events and illuminating guest lectures. Over the years it has gobbled milestones to emerge as a living breathing testimony of the spirit and creativity of an Electronics Engineer.

Probe had its modest beginnings in 2005 as a way for the electronics buffs all over the country to exchange ideas and has now grown into a techathlon that boasts participation from not only Indian students but also those in the Gulf, Singapore, Japan,Europe to name a few.

Probe’s hospitality, known for making participants who visit the college at this occasion feel at home has also matured into providing a much more multi pronged approach where the focus has been to provide a wholesome learning and living experience even if it spans only two days. This Year Probe is bigger and better than ever with a mileu of activities and workshops guaranteed to provide a life changing experience to those seeking to find their inner engineers or just be that golden achievement to those seeking to add glitter to their resume with a participation in Probe’s Atmel workshop on microcontrollers.Yes-just as Atmel is gracing this occasion with a groundbreaking workshop , so are other leaders in the field such as CiscO, National Instruments, Cypress Semiconductors, InfySec, Telelabs and there is also a guest lecture from Embedded Systems giant-Texas Instruments.

The workshops this year cover a wide range of areas ranging from hi-speed LANs to Computer Controlled Robotics thusly offering students an irresistible palette. The guest lectures will prove to most revelatory for electronics enthusiasts with engaging discourses on missile system and miniaturization, Engineering and philosophy, Fiber optics and the like by doyens such as Mrs Anuradha (Project leader of ISRO) and Mr.Manickavasagam (Head of Weapons Division DRDL) . And of course-the events provide the icing on the cake with an eclectic mix of challenging, creative and plain old nerve wracking tasks right from the Online Technical Challenge, Bulls Eye to a Circuit building skill test in Embedtronix and to Probe’s newest brainchild-Electrogyan. There is also room for young innovators in Great Ideas Challenge which is a paper presentation event judged by a panel from leading industries and researchers. Additionally, there are also events for MATLAB coders and quizomaniacs in the form of MATRIX and PROBE Quiz.

This would be an ideal opportunity for visionaries to manifest and revel in the dreams that they have been brewing whilst doodling in soporific lectures, daydreaming on lazy afternoons or slaving over the drawing board. Don your thinking caps, put on those gloves(if you have them), rub your temples and delve into this year’s offering of ECE extravaganza.


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