Next US elections may see Modi-style hologram campaigns

If HologramUSA has its way, holographic public campaigns could soon be normal thing in America.

Published Date
29 - Jul - 2014
| Last Updated
29 - Jul - 2014
Next US elections may see Modi-style hologram campaigns

Inspired by Narendra Modi’s hologram election campaigns in India, the next US elections may see similar use of hologram technology by leaders such as Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz. HologramUSA, the company which claims to have rights to US rights to the technology used for Modi holograms in India, has already begun groundwork on creating virtual versions of the US leaders.

The company has opened an office in Washington. It has hired Jeffrey Taylor, of U.S. Government Relations International, who has previously worked as chief of staff for former Republican Representative David McIntosh. According to Taylor, he will be soon approaching the Republican and Democratic National Committees. 

Taylor goes on to say people might see holograms of Ronald Reagan and John F Kennedy. . “This is not necessarily a partisan thing,” he says. According to him, the holograms may achieve same success in the US as it did in India. 

"A general or a politician or a head of corporate can project themselves physically in a life-size projection that is completely believable at a matter of a few feet," said Alki David, who heads up Hologram USA.

Narendra Modi’s hologram-based public rallies had garnered worldwide attention. It is believed that it’s the first time hologram technology has been extensively used in a general election. One of the popular use of hologram until then had been a posthumous performance by Tupac Shakur in 2012. 

In the US, we can expect use of a much high tech version of the hologram technology as compared to what we saw in India. Success in India shows holograms’ effectiveness in reaching out to a larger number of people regardless geographical challenges. 

Source: Businessweek

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