New Windows 8 screenshots reveal History Vault feature for advanced restore options

Published Date
27 - Apr - 2011
| Last Updated
27 - Apr - 2011
New Windows 8 screenshots reveal History Vault feature for advanc...

WinRumors has uncovered yet another Windows 8 screenshot, gleaned from a milestone build (7955) that has been distributed to key OEMs and developers, and leaked all over the web. The latest screenshot (seen below) shows the History Vault feature of Windows 8, similar to what Apple’s Time Machine in Mac OS X.

[RELATED_ARTICLE]The History Vault feature will enable users to retrieve data and files from history, before they were edited or even deleted. In other words, the History Vault will allow users to backup files and data, with the Shadow Copies feature of Windows, which has seen the light before in the Windows Server 2003 SP2/R2 version. Individual files in a folder can also be restored separately, to different timestamps. Also notice the timeline at the bottom.

As always, note that these leaked Windows 8 screenshots are from early milestone builds of the operating system, and things are bound to change by the time of the full release. For now, only Windows 8’s development direction can be gleaned from the various leaks, and not much else.


Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal