New Chrome OS screenshots emerge; even if fake, look quite cool!

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01 - Sep - 2009
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01 - Sep - 2009
New Chrome OS screenshots emerge; even if fake, look quite cool!

What better way to start the day than some fresh, hot-off-the-rumour-mills screenshots of the upcoming Google Chrome OS.


Readers will recall that back in July, Google announced that it would be coming out with an operating system, dubbed the Chrome OS, which will be primarily targeted at netbooks and boost cloud computing.


Since then, several dubious and fake screenshots of the OS have emerged, such as can be found here and here.


Now, TechCrunch has received more alleged ‘these are really real!’ screenshots from an anonymous source. The site does point out a couple of things that don’t gel well with what he know of Google and the Chrome OS so far:


“The screenshots below depict Google’s Chrome browser, with a dock of unnecessarily large app icons lining the right side of the screen (including what appears to be a Google media player app). Thing is, Google Earth – which is included in the dock – primarily uses a downloadable client, as does Picasa. This doesn’t really mesh well with the fact that Chrome OS is a browser OS. On the other hand, Google does offer a browser plug-in for Google Earth, and you can use a web version of Picasa to browse albums, so they’re still within the realm of possibility.”


So as always, we think you should take these screenshots with a healthy amount of skepticism on the side. And now, without further ado, here they are in all their glory:




Source: TechCrunch

Mihir PatkarMihir Patkar