New-age Wonders

Published Date
01 - Aug - 2007
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01 - Aug - 2007
New-age Wonders
If you are clued into the Web 2.0 phenomenon, you've noticed the sudden explosion of online applications that can be accessed anywhere and everywhere. Into this chaos enters SimpleSpark. com, a site that catalogues all the fast-emerging Web 2.0 applications. The categories on the site range from "calendar" apps to the quirky "loans" applications that you can use to keep track of your financial commitments. 

Sparking your imagination with Web apps

Searching for "write", for instance, on, brings up a list of all online word processing applications-from the popular Zoho Writer ( to Writeboard ( We even found Just Anger (, a site that lets you vent when you're angry and in distress! Every Web application listed in the search results has a little description below it. This lets you quickly find the app that best suits your need, without your needing to bother to visit the Web site and use its services.

Once you make an account, you can add applications you come across to the existing catalogue, and these  will show up in the listings once they've been approved by the site administrators.

The site allows users to add more details to reviews of apps, too, so you can add screenshots and give more detailed descriptions of the apps listed there. Having said that, the short descriptions are illustrative enough to tell you enough about the site you've found.

The grand-daddy of social news site aggregators

Browsing through social news sites can be so boring when you do it every day. Fret not-the grand-daddy of all social news site aggregators is here: PopURLs, the place to go to if you want your news content aggregated in one place. The site shows you content from the most popularly subscribed RSS feeds on the Web-from Digg to to Google News. You can play around with the customisation options, like changing the background colour and layout of the displayed feeds. You can choose to turn off video and image feeds from sites like Youtube and Flickr. The Story Preview feature can be a irritating; thankfully, it can be switched off. Another smart little feature, aptly named "buzz mania," increases the content on the page by showing you double the number of feeds on the front page. You can visit the WAP version of the site at Hooked to your RSS reader and want a place where you can get everything at a glance? This is where you should head to.
Ever tried building a WAP site for yourself? The best place to make those swanky little sites that load off mobile phones, of the type you've always wanted to make, is at

A name synonymous with WAP sites, is the one-stop shop for all your WAP-site-building needs. An online, Java-based WAP site builder can be accessed from the site.

Once you've created an account, you can browse through the 20,000-odd members' WAP sites hosted at You can visit your new WAP site at[username]. It is then tagged under a specific section such as "games" or "personal pages"-you get to choose from 21 other categories.

Building your WAP site was never so easy

The WAP site maker has a simple graphical interface, like the type you see when composing an e-mail: it lets you change the background image and colours on the site. You can add hyperlinks and images, and make an unlimited number of pages, too. There's no need to learn to code in WAP, WML, or XHTML. Each WAP site is allotted 1 MB of Web space, which should allow you to host approximately 30 full ringtones, for instance. offers a free WAP emulation browser called TTemulator, which can be used from a PC to access WAP sites. This application can be added to pages of other Web sites too.

The site also offers a lot of free content-a collection of games, wallpapers, and ringtones-from its PC-based Web site.

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