NetXcell to launch Ad Axis

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12 - May - 2008
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12 - May - 2008
NetXcell to launch Ad Axis

NetXcell to launch Ad Axis which is a comprehensive platform to enable delivery of targeted contextual advertisement on the mobile phone

NetXcell, the provider of Telecom Application Services, announced that they are soon to launch later this year Ad Axis, which is a comprehensive platform to enable delivery of targeted contextual advertisement on the mobile phone to be used by the advertisers (brands), publishers and operators. 

The Ad Axis supports delivery through different mediums on mobile phone like WAP, Streaming Video, Voice Portals, SMS, USSD and MMS. The algorithm built into the adengine generates business intelligence on usage trends of the subscribers which in turn help the advertisers and publishers in the future ad campaigns Ad Axis integrates with billing systems of the telecom operators. 

NetXcell is planning to launch the product in October in India and the US and company will be running the pilot product for two months with one of its US partners after the launch to ensure the smooth functioning once the customers start using it. For Ad Axis NetXCell will be the player between the advertisers and the mobile operators. 

Ad Axis will be a product for the advertisers as they will be able to reach their target audiences at any given point of time either through discount coupons redeemed at the stores just by showing the SMS, or Overlay on video streaming of movie clip or song or a scrolling banner in WAP portal etc or it could also mean through the GPS service, an SMS on discounts of certain brands when passing the relevant store. 

“We expect NetXCell to see tremendous success with the launch of Ad Axis. We are confident of reaching a wide customer and operator base through Ad Axis and are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with not just the mobile operators but the media Companies as well.” said, a senior spokesperson from NetXcell.  “Mobiles are ‘constant’ companions to us today and thus your advertisement is almost guaranteed to be seen in a “reasonable” amount of time once the user receives it “he added. 

Ad Axis which will enable mobile commerce, mobile marketing and social networking will be one of the key products of NetXcell and companies sees a lot of opportunity in this space as mobile advertising is considered to be a $10 billion market by 2010 .In India the mobile subscriber base is believed to reach 500 million by 2010 and the trend is picking up with companies as well.

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