My Cell Phone

Published Date
01 - Sep - 2005
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01 - Sep - 2005
My Cell Phone

So I decided to experiment and see what life would be like without my trusted mate. Here I'm sharing my 30-day tryst with cellular disconnect. I couldn't SMS or play a game anyway, so…

Day 1: Bound by habit
About to leave for work, I automatically reached for my cell phone lying on the table along with the car keys. Just then, though, I realised this was the day I was to start learning to live without it.

Day 2: Aah! Peace!
No telemarketers urging me to avail of fabulous offers on personal loans or credit cards I didn't need. No one calling to disturb me as I'm writing this! Even my wife can't call me now when I'm on my way back from work. It feels good, you know! Freedom! I could get used to this!

Day 5: Missing it already

Almost a week has passed, and I'm still getting used to not having to carry around my phone wherever I go, compact and light as it may be. To think I even used to carry it with me to the bathroom so as not to miss any important calls-I'm actually wondering how on earth I'm getting used to not having it!

Day 10: To buy or not to buy
It's Saturday and I'm in the local market. For the life of me, I can't remember whether it was cabbage or cauliflower I was supposed to get. No public phone nearby to call up the missus, so I buy both just to be safe.

Day 12: SMS Woes
Running late for office again... I hate Mondays! The alarm feature in the mobile was really useful. Called up the boss to inform him I'd be late, and realised that an SMS would have been a lot more convenient. Ah, my cell phone…

Day 15: MMS-a bane for celebs, a boon for the rest of us
It's a colleague's birthday at work, and it's time to cut the cake. How I wish I had my phone camera to capture his face being smothered with cake! Could have MMSed it straight off to his girlfriend. And it's oh so difficult to go get my digicam now!

Day 20: Where's my swiss army knife?
With all my numbers just a keystroke away on my cell phone, I've suddenly realised it's rather difficult to find a phone number now. Have to rely on the good old pocket diary-I hope I've written it where it is supposed to be. Now did I classify that by first name or last name?

Come to think of it, there was very little my cell phone couldn't do-from remembering phone numbers, reminding me about birthdays and tasks that needed to be done, and even entertaining me with games and music when I was bored. The GPRS I accessed at least gave me regular news updates. Am I missing out on life here?

Day 25: Stuck in a jam
Stuck in traffic and it's getting really late. No way to get a message home and spare them the anxiety… I'm sure they would be worried by now. Wonder if I can borrow a cell from the dude in the next car and call home...

Day 30: Back to civilisation
Well, it's been an interesting month. It's about time I restored my cell phone privileges. I know it can be a little troublesome at times, but the upside of carrying it along far exceeds the downside.

It's really something to be able to reach your loved ones wherever you (or they) may be. The first thing I do when I reach office is message my wife about my eventless drive to work. Did I hear a sigh of relief?

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