Mirabyte launches Discstarter 4

Published Date
13 - May - 2008
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13 - May - 2008
Mirabyte launches Discstarter 4

Discstarter 4 enables rapid creation of impressive autostart menus for CD browsers, product tours and corporate presentations

Mirabyte announces the immediate availability of Discstarter 4, the newest version of its award-winning tool for creating professional looking CD-ROM menus and front-ends from HTML pages. 

Discstarter is perfect for software vendors and magazine publishers who need to build compelling autostart menus for software or driver CD-ROMs, offline product catalogs, sales presentations, corporate presentation, digital business cards and e-learning applications, but don't have time to learn a complex design tool. 

Discstarter has proved itself on millions of CD-ROM's as a 100% trouble-free product. The intuitive interface and ease of use has earned Discstarter a wide audience. The product helps to better reach customers, without expensive authoring tools or spending money to outsource. 

Discstarter allows you to use the same technology and the same tools that are used for creating web pages. Use your favorite editor like Dreamweaver to create HTML pages and then use Discstarter to blend them with graphics, audio and buttons into a fully fledged CD-ROM project. Then associate actions with each other so your audience can interact with and navigate through your content. 

All the operations are fairly easy to do thanks to the Discstarter's point-and-click design environment and tutorials. For comfortable offline browsing, you can add extensions to the menu for running EXE, ZIP, PDF files directly from HTML pages or run PHP, Perl, MySQL applications from CD-ROM without any installation! It's also possible to embed a full text search engine, perfect for archive content on the CD-ROM. 

Once the project is ready, you burn it to CD-ROM and that's it. The end-result is a professional looking CD-ROM that will run well on any computer. Popup blockers and browser security features do not influence its functionality as all features of modern browsers are supported, including plug-ins, Flash, Quicktime, JavaScript, and DHTML.

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