Milagrow launches home cleaning robots in India, starting Rs. 9,990

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02 - Feb - 2012
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02 - Feb - 2012
Milagrow launches home cleaning robots in India, starting Rs. 9,9...

Milagrow HumanTech, recently in the limelight for the launch of its TabTop PC Android tablet (including one for women), has launched India’s first home cleaning robots. The company says it aims to use “robotic technology to empower humans so that everyday chores become hassle-free and easy.”

Mr Rajeev Karwal, Founder and CEO, Milagrow, says: “The lifestyle of urban India today is no different from that of the developed world and hence it is also reflected in the products and services used. People have lesser time on their hands, more women are joining the workforce, domestic help is becoming expensive, the greying population is increasing and so is petty crime. Domestic Robots can easily meet the resultant needs of the consumer arising from the above. Milagrow HumanTech will usher in this revolution into the Indian consumer goods market. Today we are announcing our foray into Home Cleaning Robots and we will follow through with more launches at regular intervals.”

Milagorw has launched three home cleaning robots, called RedHawk, BlackCat and Robocop. They can apparently clean all types of surfaces from marble to carpet to wood, and even recharge themselves in between cleaning cycles. They also feature obstacle and stair detection intelligence, using infrared. According to Milagrow, the cleaning robots are easy to use, and can also be auto-scheduled to clean particular time and date. Finally, apart from just floor sweeping, the cleaning robots come with an in-built UV ray lamp, which will help denature the DNA of virus and bacteria.

The cleaning robots feature as many as six cleaning modes such as spot, zigzag and wall-to-wall cleaning. An infrared virtual wall can also be set up to prevent the robot from venturing to places a user may not want it to – such as a small child’s play area. Another feature is the dirt detection capability, using which the robot can spend more time cleaning an excessively dirty area. Lastly, as for India-specific features, Milagrow says the robots have been specially customized with “higher suction power, all surface cleaning capability and larger dustbin trays.”

Mr. Karwal went on to add, “This initial range of domestic robots will steadily keep growing as the Indian market matures further. Newer and more specialized robots ranging from complicated swimming pool cleaners to massaging robots are already in the pipeline.”

Price and Availability
The three robots will be available at leading retailers and e-commerce websites in India, and are priced as follows: Robocop (Rs. 9,990), BlackCat (Rs. 15,990) and RedHawk (Rs. 16,990).

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