Microsoft credits Macbook Pro "disappointment" for best month of Surface sales

Microsoft's numbers includes consumer sales for Surface Book, Surface Studio and Surface Tablet

Published Date
13 - Dec - 2016
| Last Updated
13 - Dec - 2016
Microsoft credits Macbook Pro “disappointment” for best month of...

Microsoft says November was the best month for consumer Surface sales, by volume. Microsoft’s list excludes the Surface Hub electronic whiteboard. The Surface Studio and Surface Book are included in the numbers. The former is Microsoft’s new iMac alternative, meant for creators, which went up in November.

Microsoft credited disappointment over Apple’s new Macbook for the success of its Surface series. “It seems a new review recommending Surface over Macbook comes out daily,” said the company in a blog post

Apple’s new Macbook has indeed taken flak from consumers and reviewers alike, who didn’t find the Touch Bar to be fruitful innovation. In addition, the company’s high prices for its newest devices, do surely play a role as well. While Microsoft’s Surface devices aren’t particularly cheap either, they have suddenly become the more obvious choice, especially for professionals. 

In fact, Apple’s newest innovations have been said to mark a move away from creative professionals, which has always been a big base for the company. Microsoft on the other hand, had been successful with its Surface tablet over time, and the Surface Book, launched earlier this year, had also received much accolades. However, Microsoft hasn’t received more praise in recent times, than it did for the Surface Studio recently.

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