Men Click, Women Cuddle

Published Date
26 - Mar - 2009
| Last Updated
26 - Mar - 2009
Men Click, Women Cuddle

Pursuit of happyness

According to a recent survey that keeps with popular belief, there is one significant behavioural difference between men and women in general — women prefer to spend more time with family in order to stay happy.


In an Australian study and called the Happiness Index survey of what makes people happy, all it takes to make a man happy is staying glued to a computer.

8,500 people across age groups 18 to 64 were surveyed to arrive at this conclusion. The only area where results matched was in the area of relaxation. Both men and women considered relaxation techniques vital to stay happy. For over half the men, happiness meant surfing the Internet, playing games online or accessing social network sites such as Facebook. Only 39 per cent of women mentioned these as reasons to stay happy.


So what can we conclude? Perhaps, guys should consider spending quality time with family to convince their female counterparts to let them buy that new computer, game or gadget. They don’t teach you this in their surveys!


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