Meet Cepheus AI, an unbeatable poker-playing computer program

Cepheus is a AI developed by a team of software developers which can beat any human at heads-up Limit Hold'em poker.

Published Date
12 - Jan - 2015
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12 - Jan - 2015
Meet Cepheus AI, an unbeatable poker-playing computer program

A software team at University of Alberta have developed a new AI that cannot be beaten by human player at heads-up Limit Hold’em poker game. The team has named the AI “Cepheus”, and claims that it can play a perfect game essentially every time. The team also claims that a human cannot beat the Cepheus while playing a two-player game in a single lifetime.

The team led by Dr. Michael Bowling in collaboration with Finnish software developer Oskari Tammelin have been developing the AI from last 10 years. The AI was not given any training on how to play poker better, instead the team gave the AI just the rules of the game. There on after the AI has trained against itself by playing more than a billion hands.

The AI “Cepheus” was trained using 4000 CPUs in two months with each computer considering more than six billion hands per second. Cepheus learned with every loss and every victory it faced during that period and made itself better with each and every game.

According to Sciencemag the team is already focusing on how to use the AI outside the poker space and are trying to find ways to help government in security, health services and in other fields as well. 

The team has put up a website where you can ask a query about the game or you try to beat Cepheus.

Source: ScienceMag

Via: Engadget

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