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21 - May - 2008
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21 - May - 2008
‘Makaan Mobile’ – India’s 1st SMS-based real estate Mobil...

Makaan.com announced the launch of ‘Makaan Mobile’, the country’s 1st SMS-based Real Estate Mobile Application which is aimed at enhancing the overall consumer experience for property sellers

Makaan.com, People Group’s online property site announced the launch of ‘Makaan Mobile’– the country’s 1st pure SMS-based Real Estate Mobile Application. The application, developed by one of India’s leading MVAS companies, Mauj Mobile is aimed at enhancing the overall consumer experience for property sellers.

Makaan Mobile provides an attractive alternative to property sellers who currently need to log on to the Internet either to list their property or to view responses from interested buyers. Harnessing the power of SMS, the Makaan Mobile application is compatible with almost all GSM models, and will cater to a subscriber base close to 200 million in India alone, which is almost 4 times the size of the Internet consumer base.

Speaking on this initiative, Aditya Verma, Business Head, Makaan.com said, “All our innovations till date have revolved around ensuring ‘customer delight’, and Makaan Mobile is another step in this direction. The idea of the application germinated from the need to connect with users who are generally on the move and do not have regular access to the Internet. This application will take Makaan.com product offerings to a far greater audience. With the launch of this service, we anticipate a 30% growth in daily property listing rate over the coming months.”

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