MagCable promises Magnetic Charging for almost any device

MagCable is a magnetic charging cable which provides safer and faster charging, along with high speed data transferring capabilities.

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15 - Oct - 2015
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15 - Oct - 2015
MagCable promises Magnetic Charging for almost any device

A Kickstarter campaign called MagCable by Hong Kong-based firm aMagic is creating a lot of buzz in the smartphone charging space. MagCable is a magnetic charging wire which saves you the trouble of struggling to attach your charging cable to your smartphone. It also prevents stressing and snapping off the charging cord.

A use case scenario for MagCable 

The MagCable is constructed using a Neodyminum magnet which provides magnetic power at temperatures upto 200 degrees. This ensures the stability of MagCable over other existing charging cords.

MagCable Vs Ordinary cable, as depicted on Kickstarter

Along with the magnetic capabilities, the one-meter-long cable also comes with a reversible plug which can be connected from either side, a dustproof & waterproof design, a smart light indicator, an instant charging mode which can be turned on to switch off data sync, resulting in faster charging and high speed data tranfer capabilities.

The MagCable comes in micro-USB and Lightning cable variants. MagCable can charge devices ranging from tablets, bluetooth speakers, portable gaming consoles, phones, power banks, etc.

Strength showcase of MagCable

On Kickstarter, the MagCable project has already crossed its goal of £50,000 and has accumulated a total of £83,423 till date. According to the crowdfunding website, MagCable is slated to enter markets somtime in November this year, and is expected to ship worldwide. The cable is also expected to be priced anywhere between $15 - $30, and can be ordered in bulk packages as well.

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