Looks and works

Published Date
01 - Oct - 2008
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01 - Oct - 2008
Looks and works

Windows 7 Follows Up On Vista


What we all have been waiting for is finally coming with Microsoft planning to debut the Windows Seven. Reports say that on October 28 this next generation operating system will be flagged off by the Senior Vice President of Windows, Steven Sinofsky, at the Professional Developers Conference at Los Angeles.


Windows Seven will make use of the same kernel as Windows Vista, but it will have a whole new look. In terms of new features Windows Seven will not have much to offer, though this also means that it will allow you to use your present hardware. It will also benefit people in many ways — for instance, most external devices will be compatible with it.


This time, Microsoft might just stick to their plan of making good software, instead of building something like Vista again, which has received much flak.

Microsoft has already said that the new Windows Seven will not have many of its current inbuilt software, such as Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Mail. Microsoft is planning to give these as downloadable add-ons.


The plan is to make the experience better, and still offer people what they like. So with Windows Seven, you will get only the most useful software, instead of installing everything there is, whether you use it or not. This will also save on the hard drive space that the OS will use on a fresh install.


There are no reports of as to when the company plans to put up their beta test versions for testing purposes. If you are eager enough to get a look at Vista’s successor, you can check out the official Microsoft blog for pictures and more news about Windows Seven.

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