Looking to buy a laptop

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01 - Oct - 2008
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01 - Oct - 2008
Looking to buy a laptop

I am planning to purchase a laptop in November. I want a 256MB graphics card with DirectX 10 support, an AMD dual-core processor, a 120 to 160 GB HDD, 2GB of RAM along with features such as a webcam, HDMI port, a LAN card, WiFi, Bluetooth and a Lightscribe DVD Writer.

I have looked up on the Internet and have found products like the HP DV5z (which has not been launched in India yet), the Dell Studio and some others from Acer.
I have a budget of Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000. I need to know if the HP one that is shown as $700 to $900 will carry an equivalent price in the Indian market, and by what time will this product come to India. I need your assistance to buy a laptop for the value of money in my range of budget.

Bivash Krishna Bala

DIGIT ANSWERS: Typically when products reach the Indian shore, prices go up by a bit but there are also times when they are cheaper here than in some other countries. In the case of the HP laptop you’ve been talking of, HP India would know best. Check up on HP India’s site for any information or try and contact them from their site.

You should also know that features such as Bluetooth, WiFi, a webcam and a wired LAN card are common in almost all laptops today. A LightScribe-enabled DVD writer is a little more difficult to find. HDMI and DirectX 10 supported graphics cards with dedicated memory are some features usually found on costlier laptops.

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