Learning Alien Lingo

Published Date
26 - Mar - 2009
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26 - Mar - 2009
Learning Alien Lingo

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We’ve read a lot about aliens all through the years and have even enjoyed movies on the topic. But are they for real? What if we happen to encounter them some day? Would we be able to understand them? Dr Elliot from Leeds Metropolitan University had some serious thought on this and has developed a program to understand aliend languages.


Elliot’s program compares an alien language with a database of 60 global languages and identifies if it has a similar structure. According to Elliot, alien languages, despite being different from those on earth, will have some familiar patterns in them. He uses this principle to reveal how intelligent the life forms are.


Elliot believes all human languages have connecting terms such as the ifs and buts in English, and such terms can be separated in to nine words or characters in any languages.

We wish Elliot success, but considering that the very existence of aliens is debatable, we wonder whether we would see any fruit to his efforts. Besides, understanding an unknown language is similar to figuring out the difference between a bark and a growl!


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