Know Your Music Inside Out

Published Date
01 - Dec - 2004
| Last Updated
01 - Dec - 2004
Know Your Music Inside Out

Organise your music collection with Tag&Rename

Today, most of us have hundreds or even thousands of music files, and as our collection gets bigger, it becomes increasingly difficult to organise. Save time by organising your music files with the Tag&Rename (T&R) management utility!

Tag&Rename is designed for MP3, WMA, OGG, MP4 and flac music files. With T&R, you can quickly and easily rename all files in your music collection using the embedded tag data within files, write in new tag information or edit existing tag information, create tags based on filenames, get song information from the freedb server.

Step 1. Renaming songs

With T&R, you can rename your favourite songs in a particular sequence—for instance, artist name followed by filename. To do this, select your songs folder in the folder tree. Songs in this folder will be shown in the adjoining window.

Now, select the files you want to rename, get to the “Rename files” tab, and in the space provided for “File name mask:”, enter “%1 - %7” and click “Test.” A “Rename files test” window pops up. Here you can see how your music file will look after renaming. Now, click “Rename,” and your songs will be renamed.

Step 2. Multiple File tagging

With T&R, you can tag multiple file simultaneously, so if the artist, album or genre information is common to several files, that information can be changed all at the same time. All you need to do is select the folder in the T&R folder tree. The tracks in that folder will be shown in the right window. Select the songs you want to tag.

Select the “Multi file tag editor” tab, then tick the “Album” checkbox. Type in the name of the album; select the save tags button this will change the name of the album of all the songs. Similarly, artist, genre and other information can be entered.

Step 3. Configure Freedb

There may be songs in your collection for which you do not have all information, such as the artist, album, and genre. You can search for this over the Net through T&R. You will first have to configure the freedb service. To do so, go to Options > Select program options in the program options window that pops up. Select “Web import.” Specify your e-mail ID in the “Your e-mail:”  field. You need to provide an e-mail ID. If you do not want to enter your real e-mail address, just enter any e-mail address and the freedb service will still work. Press “OK.”

Step 4. Get song information using Freedb 

You can get song information from freedb servers on the Internet. To get information about your songs, select the songs in the right window and click the “Get album titles from Freedb” icon. 

The results will be shown in the “Get album songs” window. Select the correct album and press “Get titles.” Your songs will be tagged automatically.

Nikhil DhamapurkarNikhil Dhamapurkar