Kingston HyperXperience Contest participation guidelines

Here's how you can participate in the Kingston HyperXperience contest by submitting your review of Kingston products.

Published Date
25 - Sep - 2015
| Last Updated
06 - Oct - 2015
Kingston HyperXperience Contest participation guidelines

Friends, Techies, Countrymen, lend us your eyes and ears. the Kingston HyperXperience Contest!

Now, the deal is simple: Write a rock-solid review about the Kingston products that you own (or have used) and stand to win premium Kingston HyperX products. In fact, we'll make it simpler for you.

All you need to do is to read our sample review here and send your Kingston product reviews to [] that match...or even beat the living daylights out of our review.

Reviewers are requested to follow the below given format to improve their chances of winning the contest. 
Only Kingston product reviews will qualify for the contest, reviews of any other brand will not  be counted.

Kingston HyperXperience contest user review submission guidelines

1. Cover all aspects of the product (design/build, features/specs, performance and value for money) individually and rate them our of 10.

  • Design & Build Quality Rating out of 10
  • Features and specifications ratings out of 10
  • Performance ratings out of 10
  • Value for money ratings out of 10
  • Overall product rating out of 10

2. Consider use case for the product and give your opinion on how well does the product serve the targeted user segment.

3. Consider warranty and service support as an important aspect under value for money ratings.

4. Support your review with benchmark/test numbers. More the performance numbers and comparisons (if any), the better your review gets in terms of objective evaluation.

5. Support your review with images and videos to get bonus points.

6. It is important for the reviewer to express his personal opinion about the product.

7. Apart from benchmarks, performance and benefits can be highlighted with real-world use case scenarios as examples. Real-world perspective is as important as benchmarks and numbers to convey the full picture.

8. Any online references used to support the review should be clearly mentioned.

9. All content submitted should be original content, any kind of plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.

10. All reviews to be submitted to Reviews should be submitted in a *.doc format.

11. Provide your details- Name, Location, Age & Contact number along with the review inside the same document.

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