KFC button is a one-click solution for the lazy, hungry you

KFC's new promotional campaign is probably what a true fan always wanted.

Published Date
29 - Aug - 2017
| Last Updated
29 - Aug - 2017
KFC button is a one-click solution for the lazy, hungry you

You know those times when you’re just too lazy to order food? Well, KFC does. The company has designed a button that brings KFC food to your doorstep whenever you want it. It’s called the KFC Button (predictably) and pressing it will literally send an order to the nearest KFC outlet.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simply to work with. The button connects to your phone as a WiFi device the first time. This allows you to connect the button to your home WiFi. You have to do this only once, after which the button remains connected to the WiFi at all times. You then head over to KFC’s website and register your “button ID (written behind the button)” and phone number. You then choose your “favourite order” and set a delivery address.

From hereon, whenever you press the KFC button, the nearest outlet will recieve your favourite order. You get a text message on your phone informing you that an order has been placed. To confirm, you respond to it with ‘1’ and the outlet should call you for delivery. You can pay on delivery.

How do I get the button?

The KFC button is a promotional campaign by the company, so only 2000 of these will be given away. For that, you can sign up at KFC’s website and hope to be one of the “lucky fans”. But even if you don’t get your very own button, KFC has a virtual version of this on its website. This is available to anyone, but it’s obviously not as much fun as having a physical button that can bring you food.


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