Kelly Brook?EUR(TM)s Pics From Three Leaked Online

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01 - Dec - 2005
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01 - Dec - 2005
Kelly Brook’s Pics From Three Leaked Online
Courtesy the Web site What Would Tyler Durden Do? (WWTDD). In public, however, Brook is acting furious. Apparently, the site posted nude scenes from Three for the benefit of the general public.

WWTDD said, "Kelly is suing because she felt certain scenes were too explicit and she didn't want them to be seen." The scene we're talking about shows a topless Kelly in the ocean writhing around with some dude, with a tom-peeper in the bushes watching them.

Brook has objected strongly to the "explicit" nature of the scene, but the actual reason, according to commentators at WWTDD, is because it is pure "crap".

The site has also remarked, "If that second dude was there to judge the bikini contest, he's gonna be pretty disappointed."
An Online Funeral To Mourn A Gamer's Death

Chinese players of the MMORPG hit World of Warcraft (WoW) held an online funeral service last month after a gamer-a young girl-died playing the game. 'Snowly' died in October after playing WoW for many days during a national holiday, in preparation for a particularly difficult stretch of the game, in which she would have to kill the Black Dragon Prince.

Members of the online community remember her to be "a diligent and dedicated player."

So what exactly is an online funeral? Do members get on a chat board and offer condolences to the bereaved? No way! An "online funeral" is just what it sounds like-people get on the game, come towards each other, and sit with their heads bowed for a while. OK, if you still don't get it, check out the picture at https://snipurl. com/digittabloid1.

On that page, Joi Ito, another avid WoW player, writes: "Players often play until they pass out, especially when they are questing in a group, where their participation is required... There is also a lot of pressure to catch up if you drop behind in order to play your role."

This comes just a little while after another gaming-related death, and the Chinese government is planning to introduce monitoring tools that will prevent players from logging on and gaming for long hours. Gamers are already protesting, of course.
IT Firm Bans Whinging! IT Firm Bans Whinging!

Germany-based IT company Nutzwerk Ltd has added whinging (informal disapproving) to a list of things that can get an employee sacked: employees have to constantly be in a good mood as part of their employment contract!

Manager Thomas Kuwatsch said, "We made the ban on moaning and grumpiness at work official after one female employee refused to subscribe to the company's philosophy of always smiling."

Employees who wake up grumpy need not come to office and can stay at home rather than spoiling the work ambience. However, employees who take too many leaves may also be sacked!
The First Amendment, Now For Schoolkids

When Ryan Dwyer built his Web site in 2003, little did he know it would become a profit-making venture! His school in New Jersey has promised to pay $117,500 (Rs 5.17 lakh) as compensation for punishing him on critical statements about his middle school. One of the entries in the guestbook section of his site, too, was considered unacceptably critical by school authorities.

Dwyer was suspended for a week, banned from playing baseball for a month, and even barred from going on a class trip.

And the school didn't even have a rulebook with such disciplinary action-or any guidelines to handle such cases-mentioned. OK, the amount might seem too much, but remember that the First Amendment is taken, well, very seriously in America.

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