Published Date
12 - Apr - 2007
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12 - Apr - 2007

What is it?
Joost is the new name for "The Venice Project." It aims at bringing in a new distribution method of watching TV content via the Internet.
Who are behind Joost?
It is being developed by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, the duo behind KaZaA and Skype.
What does one need to view Joost content?
Any Windows XP computer with good Internet connectivity-specifically, ability to download at least 220 MB per hour of viewing, which translates to a 500 Kbps pipe.
What makes Joost different?
Joost allows one to chat with others watching the same show. It is free of subscription schemes, allowing one to view all the channels Joost hosts, regardless of what country one is in. Joost is not YouTube, where one watches individual video clips; it's more like TV, with a continuous stream of video and the ability to switch channels. It works on P2P technology, so more computers on the network only translates to more bandwidth to play with.
Where is it headed?
Joost is roping in networks and producers from the world over to provide content. Advertising revenue is also being considered to keep the channels free. 
How can one access Joost right now?
Joost is in beta as of now, and one needs to be a beta tester to access it. Signing up (at just allows you to be considered as a prospective tester. However, like in Gmail, an invite from another tester gets you instant access.

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