Japanese beverage maker Otsuka to put first advertisement on moon

The beverage can filled with Pocari Sweat powder will also hold wishes of children in the form of letter made into small silver disks.

Published Date
16 - May - 2014
| Last Updated
16 - May - 2014
Japanese beverage maker Otsuka to put first advertisement on moon

For the first time in history, a company will put its product on the moon for advertisement and "in a bid to inspire young people to become astronauts." Japanese beverage manufacturer, Otsuka will send a 1kg titanium can filled with powdered sports drink to the moon aboard a private moon-landing mission set to fly in October of 2015.

This stunt will make Otsuka's Pocari Sweat powder the first commercial product that has ever been delivered to another celestial body for marketing purposes. Otsuka says that it hopes that young people in future will hope to become astronauts so that they can travel to the moon and open the can on the moon.

The Pocari Sweat can that will be put on the moon.

The can will be put on the Falcon 9 rocket which has been designed to be a (potentially) reusable means of space travel. The rocket has already made three successful runs to the International Space Station. The Falcon 9 rocket will take about four and a half days to reach the moon and the Pocari Sweat-laden canister will be put on the moon's surface by the private company called Astrobotic Technology's "Griffin" lander.

The Astrobotic technology apart from putting the canister on the surface of the moon is more interested in winning Google's Lunar X prize which is a $20 million worth award for any company that successfully lands a device on the moon. The company is actually known to develop technologies for clearing space trash.

The Pocari Sweat isn't the only thing that would loaded on the capsule. The rocket will also hold wishes of children from across Asia in the form of letters which will later be engraved on to silver disks.

Source: Lunar Dream, Via: The Verge