It's All Ok In 2008

Published Date
01 - Oct - 2008
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01 - Oct - 2008
It’s All Ok In 2008

Metallica Is Fine With Album Getting Leaked

Days before the latest Metallica album — Death Magnetic could be released; the album got sold in shops in Paris which soon found its way as MP3s onto the Internet. The album was seen on torrent sites much before the official launch. Lars Ulrich — the drummer of the band — shocked people by saying that he was OK with the album getting leaked. He said that the year was 2008 and it’s normal to have things like this these days. Metallica was known for having sued Napster — the most well known music sharing P2P in the year 2000. Lars was then heard saying that sharing of music wasn’t their idea nor was participating with Napster. Finally n 2001, the court ordered Napster to stop trading of copyrighted material on the service. Napster soon stopped serviced and in September 2001, paid $26 million as part of a settlement for all previous trading that took place on their service. Napster currently sells legal music over the Internet as well as an unlimited listening scheme for a fixed rate of $12.95. Napster was bought over by Best Buy a electronics retail chain in mid-September for $121 million. Tracks from Metallica’s latest album are officially available on their site for listening purposes and also on iTunes.

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