India set to play bigger role in developing future tech standards

India is the second largest member base for IEEE, which now aims to give the country larger participation in developing future tech standards

Published Date
04 - Nov - 2014
| Last Updated
04 - Nov - 2014
India set to play bigger role in developing future tech standards

India is set to have a larger presence in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which is also the world's largest association of tech professionals with over 400,000 members globally. According to reports, the institute is trying get top IT companies such as TCS and Wipro on board for developing future international tech standards.

IEEE president and CEO Roberto de Marca says the institute is now eyeing emerging nations such as India, China and Brazil to make the organisation stronger. "India has one of the largest engineering talents, which can play a big role in shaping the future of technology,” Economic Times quotes Roberto as saying.

"Currently, large technology companies in India work on technology after a technology standard is developed. We now want them to be a part of the standard formation itself, so that these standards can incorporate unique ideas from Indian engineers," Roberto said.

Apart from TCS and Wipro, the IEEE is also in talks with CDAC and KeySight Technologies. "Initially, we'll sign them up as observers for our meetings on standards and eventually they would also be a part of the discussions," Roberto said.

It's notable the organisation is currently working on developing standards for modern technologies including augmented reality, Internet of Things and cloud computing.

Roberto revealed India has been contributing in technologies such as augmented reality and low voltage DC. He added India has potential to lead the team developing standards for such tech.

"Most devices we use today use DC energy but is fed AC energy, which causes huge energy loss. For example, ceiling fans consume 70 watts of energy with AC. With DC, the fans will work with same efficiency at 18 watts," Roberto concluded.

Source: ET