IIT Delhi's Tryst 2013 tech fest kicks off March 1st

Commemorating the Weird, Wacky and Wild!

Published Date
28 - Feb - 2013
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28 - Feb - 2013
IIT Delhi's Tryst 2013 tech fest kicks off March 1st

Digit Event Promotional Feature: The reason why Tryst is anticipated in this part of the country is not only because its being conducted by an institute which boasts of technical prowess and innovation, but also because North India's biggest techno-management extravaganza brings with itself a chutzpah worth indulging in. Tryst 2013 is here.

This year, we commemorate the Ig Nobels - global awards that recognize improbable and unconventional research in practically every field known to mankind. At Tryst, 2013 is the year of the 'Weird, Whacky and Wild'! The Ig Nobels are known to celebrate achievements that first make you laugh, and then make you wonder. Imagination, and out-of-the-box thinking are some of the features of research by the awardees. Ranging from invention of a speech-jammer and a foot-pedal activated flamethrower to giving birth to Murphy's law, these awards honour the creative, and spur people's interest in science and technology.

The reason this theme is absolutely appropriate is that we at IIT Delhi stand for the same principle - creating, nurturing and fuelling one's interest in these fields. Each subject, department and activity in our institute is a pathway towards better understanding and grasp of concepts that shall eventually bear fruit in the form of research in the benefit of mankind. We believe in having fun with our science, and the fact that having fun can only stem from a crisp understanding of the subject.

Our logo has been refurnished to model the most familiar sight in the Campus, the Dogra roof- the hyperbolic paraboloid, which is central to innovation and technology at IIT Delhi. since it is the basic shape behind the iconic and landmark Dogra Hall roof. The logo generates an imagery of a pair of wings, which represents our innate desire to think and innovate without any bounds.

The events that invite the footfalls of thousands every year have been launched - Maze Buster, Arjun, Techtryst and Chempitition. The Eco-summit is expected to beat its previous level of participation. Esoterica, the general quiz, is set to be bigger and better. with Mr. Suraj Menon conducting the mega-quiz! Added to this are a list of theme-specific events that will interest every participant, like the Tryst IgNobels and Rube Goldberg. Workshops on Hacking and Symposiums on Innovative Research (Paper presentation) shall allow the young guns to learn and express their technical knowledge. Moreover, the IIT Delhi is launching the inaugural Tryst TechMUN '13, which is debating on the Outer Space Treaty this march.

But the largest attraction has to be the list of Guest speakers. An entourage of this level and depth has never been seen at IIT Delhi at any platform. We are proud to announce that Jeff Liebermann, the famous science-enthusiast from MIT Media Labs and the host of Discovery Channel's 'Time warp' will be going guns at Tryst 2013. We also have Kazutaka Kurihara, the 2012 Ig-Nobel Prize Winner for Acoustics-Speech Jammer and Chittaranjan Andrade (India) who won the Ig-Nobel prize for public health. Tryst 2013 is excited to host Nathan Seiberg, winner of the Fundamental Physics Prize, 2012 for String Theory.Mr. Anil Kakodkar,Padma Vibhushan, who is the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India (AECI) is also gracing the fest. Dr. Ajoy Ghatak's talk on 'Einstein and his year of Miracles' is sure to enthrall the scientist in you.

All in all, we expect this version of IIT Delhi's Tryst to be setting milestones and creating records. We are celebrating the 'Weird, Whacky and Wild' - research that will amuse you, inventions that will make your jaws drop, and concepts that will blow your minds away. Tryst 2013 is here!


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