IIT BHU's Technex 2013 fest commences soon

Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi's Technex fest kicks off on 7th March.

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23 - Feb - 2013
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23 - Feb - 2013
IIT BHU's Technex 2013 fest commences soon

Digit Event Promotional Feature: With its genesis being traced with an urge among the student community of the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi to blend academic rigor with inspired innovation with the aid of human imagination to produce technological breakthroughs, Technex has over the years grown from a little spark to a brilliant radiance reflecting the equally brilliant technical minds of this institute.

Amassing intellectually as well as technically sound participants from all over the country, this event is scheduled to be held from 7th to 10th March, 2013 within the campus premises. The forthcoming edition of this annual techno-management festival is embracing the theme of Celebrating Evolution, celebrating the advancements in technology with the evolution of mankind.

With a mind boggling spread of events, this edition of Technex unfailingly promises to keep all brains, minds as well as souls engaged. The technical events encompass a wide range of challenges including manual, semi-autonomous as well as fully automated robotics (with various events in each category), contraptions, aeromodelling, RC car rallying, model exhibitions and definitely coding, to please the geeky junkies of the techno world. Any enthusiast of technology or better yet one who yearns to witness “science in action” would find at least a handful of events that cannot be missed among those that feature in this category. A one-of-a-kind Model exhibition titled Modex unfailingly attracts a sizeable participation from all over the country into its various forays ranging from social and rural outreaches, green technology and healthcare initiatives to the digitally influenced models on open software and simulation, hardware as well as cyber models.

To quench the ever existent and never ending thirst for management events specifically among the IIT junta, Technex inevitably comes up with the need of the hour. With contests of various hues and colors within the palette of management, Technex hosts a multitude of events including case studies, brand promotion and strategizing, virtual stock marketing, establishing a new business venture, venturing into newly set-up start ups and innumerable opportunities to get placed* into sponsoring companies for internships and/or apprenticeships during the summers of 2013.

Adding to the ever-increasing number of events not to be missed at this feast are a series of guest lectures for the knowledge seeking members of the IIT community. With a mind-boggling list of star-studded speaker list that includes people from all walks of life talking on how the evolution of technology has influenced them and their works in their respective fields, the audiences are set to be spellbound by the effects of technology on mankind.

The icing on the cake however is the flagship breakthrough event – GreenX, A social initiative of Technex, to spread eco-friendliness and civic sense among the youth of the country. GreenX, through its set of tasks classified into various spheres (viz. Energy, Food & Water, Fuel & Automation, Waste and Green for fun), gives you a short-term incentive for a long-term gain.

So fasten your seat belts and head straight to Varanasi, its springtime! Log on to www.technex.in or follow us at www.facebook.com/technex13 for more information.

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