Icons of Trust 2012 - Home Theater & Speakers

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13 - Jan - 2012
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13 - Jan - 2012
Icons of Trust 2012 - Home Theater & Speakers

For quite some time, the choice of a Home Theater for most people has been the function of what came bundled (or on discount) with their latest LCD purchase. That being said consumers have come far from those days and now put considerable thought into the other half of their entertainment system. Some would consider it the better half too.

As for speakers, since much of our entertainment happens on the PC many brands have been trying to pander to the PC users every demand. Speakers are now available in every configuration from 2.0 to 7.1 and in every price range.
This year the most trusted brand in this category was Sony with a score of 68.98. The second place was Bose with 67.68 per cent.

Key findings:

  • It’s really quite surprising how much of a clout Bose has in India in terms of perception when comparatively its ownership (amongst those surveyed) is miniscule – 4.76 per cent to be precise.
  • It was also surprising to see local brands such as iBall and Intex ahead of established players such as JVC.
  • When asked which brand comes to mind when thinking of “Home Theater & Speakers” both Sony and Bose got a response of 26.98 per cent. That’s quite decent for unaided recall.
  • In terms of ownership the most commonly owned brands in this category are: Sony, Creative, Altec Lansing, and Philips. In that order.

Click on the graph below for scores of all 25 brands featured in the survey.

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